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                        Making Inspections Accurate, Transparent and Easy

                        No more taking time off to wait at home for an inspection or an estimate. No more roofers tampering with your roof to exaggerate the damages either.

                        A technician climbing on your roof to perform an inspection or a measurement is an avoidable task given the latest technologies that are available to us. These intelligent drones not only allow us to be more transparent about the damages but it also lets us create more accurate estimates taking away any last minute surprises.

                        You as the homeowner know exactly what the condition of your roof is, prevent having any damage done to your property from leaning up ladders on the eavestrough, and don’t need to take time off from work to wait at home for a technician.

                        We are committed to protecting both the homeowners and our technicians. By using a drone to inspect and measure roofs we have avoided 1000s of potential falls and injuries.

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                        for as low as $69/month O.A.C.

                        Get a New Roof for as low as $69/month O.A.C.

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                        ROOF REPAIR

                        Some shingles are missing on your roof. You see little black spots on your roof or in some ses you may even see your plywood exposed..

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                        ROOF REPLACEMENT

                        Your shingles seem to be curling up from the corners. You find an ocsional shingle or two in your backyard. Shingles seem to be fading..

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                        ROOF LEAK

                        Your roof is Leaking! If the drywall on your ceiling is having water stains that grow every time it rains, there is water leaking through your roof.

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                        You see water overflowing from your eaves-troughs when it rains, Don't worry there might just be some build-up from leaves, twigs ..

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                        SKY LIGHTS

                        You want some extra light inside your house without hiking up electricty bills.Looks like you need our Eaves-trough services

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                        SOFFIT & FASCI

                        An animal broke in to your attic through the soffits or you just have a few missing pieces from a storm. Your house's fascia is hanging off ..

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                        Attic Insulation

                        Does your home feel too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? Then you need to top-up your attic insulation…

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                        MAP OF CLIENTS


                        Always trying to make our clients happy!

                        Subhas Mukhopadkyay

                        Recent Tiltop Roofers have replaced roof of my house. I am glad to recommend this company as one of best in the market. All work was done in a timely manner. Quality of work was high and everywhere there is a professional touch. Also they always use top quality material available in the market.

                        Manuela aiken

                        Very professional and efficient crew. My roof was done in one day! They worked right into the dark to finish. They also protected and left the perimeter of the house clean. We’ll use them again soon for father’s house.

                        William Lee

                        Very pleased with TilTop Roofers. They replaced the missing shingles the right and proper way with near matching colors. Overall great pleasant experience with their team.

                        Nadia Ramnarine

                        The response and service was immediate to fix my roof, which had been damaged and was allowing water into my house. Highly recommend this company for your roof repairs and replacement.

                        Mandy Siu

                        Professional and fast responses. They lled back right away and booked an estimate timing within 24 hrs. Great follow ups and clear explanation. I will definitely ll them again for my next roof project.

                        Amna Javed

                        Great service. I contacted Tiltop Roofers for my house as I received a notifition for damage to my roof. I had previously had it fixed by another company who did a poor job (wrong color of shingles/poor instillation). Tiltop found the correct colors and fixed my roof the same week.

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